Mitsubishi Data Capture App

Driving 500 new leads for Mitsubishi Ireland.

Throughout an event at Tattersalls Ireland, we worked with the Mitsubishi team creating a campaign to gather data surrounding their new Outlander car and their new Pajero car. The project’s idea was to draw families and potential clients in and, while they enjoyed the entertainment around the tent, Mitsubishi sale reps engaged with them and asked the adults to fill out a quick online form stating which car they preferred and why.

Rise in sales

Teaming up with Mitsubishi Ireland, Louder+ created a custom built data capture app that provided information for future Mitsubishi sales around Ireland. The data gathered was used to make tactical marketing decisions throughout local Irish car dealerships to maximize sales and revenue.

How it works:

At this specific event, potential clients were captivated by a tent, which contained fun activities for both kids and adults. Once they entered the tent and were intrigued with the products around them, Mitsubishi representatives approached them and told them about both the Outlander and Pajero cars (which were both present at the event). When the clients had a chance to look through both cars and get a feel for their unique features, they were then prompted to enter data into our app. Some of the information required included their names, where in Ireland they lived, which car they preferred and the reason behind that decision. This data was then sent to the Mitsubishi headquarters to be combed through carefully. At the end of the day the company had a list of names, preference between the two cars and what city had a high demand of people looking for cars. This information could be sent to local dealerships to help direct how to market their brands to suite the public area.


On a tight deadline of 3 weeks we designed, developed and shipped a customized data capture app with a built in analytics platform that allowed Mitsubishi to collect 500 new leads to test drive the new Mitsubishi outlander.